How do I live happier after read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

For more than 40 years of my life, I’ve been concerned about so many things. Until recent years, after reading the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F * ck” written by author Mark Manson. I realize that I have “cared” about the issues and things around me as much as I have tried to find out.

How do I live happier after “don’t care”?

Recognize your problems

The book shows me that people who are often preoccupied with too many things have a disease called “perfection,” which wants everything to their liking and is likely to react negatively if the problem differs from projections. his ants.
The problem is, most of us struggle with life by paying attention to the things that are not worth the attention. We notice that the Japanese dog plays the Vietnamese dog. We are upset when the other woman cursed the ancestors for a few years and the airline only got fined 200k. Or the fact that someone could not eat pho because of a lot of onions. ????
I don’t care what place. What to do? For what? Is it good? Are you happy? Or then annoyed?
That’s the problem, bro. Long-term anger is very harmful to that health and physiology.!
Anyway, talking to an adult is to be serious and call your friend me politely.
In fact, no one realizes his or her own problems thoroughly and fairly by their views and egos. It took me more than 40 years of life to beat the table to realize that the biggest problem in my life was taking care of so many things. Causes most of what I have done and the results I have received are confined by the word “perfect”.
To free myself from “perfection,” I, you need to understand that simply being less interested in the many things around you is unraveling the chains that bind us.

How do I live happier after read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck?

This book is obviously of the Self-Help genre, but the difference here is that Mark doesn’t tell people to think positively, doesn’t tell people to stand in front of a mirror, smiles. a whole tooth, while the heart is broken .. Throughout the book are stories, comments, contemplations and witty conclusions, but no less ironic of the author. The author talks a lot about failure – the other side of success.
People who are not born are not interested. No matter what type, you will be attracted to the things around you. Developing the ability to control and manage concerns is the essence of strength and maturity. It sounds easy, but it doesn’t work. We must cultivate a lack of these skills over the years and decades.

Doesn't give a fuck
Doesn’t give a fuck

Listen, I lost those 40 years, how about you? Don’t take 40 years even more to understand the problem like me. Do not listen to the guillotine chatter, “rags before happiness to become rich”, “pick up and let go”, “how much youth (children) are worth” … but spend your energy to care about Something really important. And here, let me introduce you.

Do not compare yourself with others

You need to stop judging yourself, because the piggies out there have already done it for you, even better than you thought. What you need to do is just try harder, concentrate and, or at least keep on doing what you are doing or doing right now. You should only compare yourself today with yesterday. The decision is not right or wrong, it is just a judgment of a person whose worldview is different from that of others.

I don’t mind the past failure

Not everyone realizes that there is something called failure, it is only a temporary result. Let “HOW” take care of it. Nobody makes a living right away. If anyone succeeds, he will cut like he did, when he died like a centipede, begging on the street, no one would know it. Because there is no such thing as “No problem” in life.
Wherever you go, there will always be “hundreds of tons” waiting for you ahead. The problem is, don’t turn away from the “hundreds of tons”, instead, find the “pile” you feel you can smell.

You need to care about what is more important than the difficulty

I forgot to tell you that, whether you realize it or not, you’re always concerned about something. However, if problems do not go as we expect, we feel that we are the victim who falls on the head on your own scale. Often, for the same event, it could be either good or bad depending on the metric we use.
So what to do? Change your metrics, which is more important than your current difficulties and circumstances. You want it OK, it’s OK, you want it miserable, it’s misery. It’s OK. When it comes to “don’t care”, I remembered someone saying that the best way to “give a fuck” is “not giving a fuck.” Anyway, I don’t care whoever said that. That, remember is okay.
That’s why “ignoring” becomes the key to the problems you’re having. You think it’s jagged, oh, it’s still “bad”. Take your interest and you’ll find it is not bad and oh at all.
By many examples of the author’s own life, relationships (note that this old author has a rather twisted situation ????), the issues the author has experienced with LOTS of valuable statements make we wallow in depth, read everywhere to see well, see that he proved everything is right.
Believe me, you only took one sentence in that post to FB and you all flooded you into compliments. Such as:
“Desiring a positive experience is a negative experience, accepting a negative experience is a positive experience.”
Back in the days of our grandparents, our grandfather might find life as boring as a cockroach and say, “Man, today I feel like rotten cow dung.” But hey, maybe that’s what life is like. I just cut the grass already. ”
Sounds like a philosopher. You will also get many more sentences when reading books.

Who should read this book?

The book’s message lies in truth: trying to be positive is a negative action, and negative thinking is actually positive.
The book “The Fine Art of Ignoring” is indeed a book worth reading for all ages. If you are young, read so don’t lose your youth to prow around like me. If you are older, you should read it, because older people are often stubborn and “ignorant” to realize where and how they are wrong. You are wondering there are so many things around you that need to know which one to consider first. If you have / are / will be in such a situation then this is exactly the book you need to read through at least once.
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